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Li-ion Blower/Sweeper - WG540

Li-ion Blower/Sweeper - WG540

Product Overview


  • Lithium-Ion battery technology: long life, light weight, no self-discharge, no memory effect
  • Clears hard-to-reach places
  • 120 MPH air speed to clean up large areas
  • Sweeps debris from shops and garages
  • Lightweight, compact design
  • Ideal for hard surfaces




  • Battery pack: 18V Li-ion
  • Max. air speed:  120mph
  • Charging time: 1/2hr approx.
  • Machine weight: 3.6lbs



  • 1 wall mount
  • 1 battery pack
  • 1 charger (3-5hr charger)


  • Keep your patio, deck, or driveway free of debris with the WorxAIR 18V lithium Cordless Blower/Sweeper.
  • An 18-volt lithium battery powered motor clears away grass clippings and leaves, and the rechargeable battery lets you reach every corner of your property without worrying about dragging out yards of extension cord.
  • The lightweight body and ergonomic design let you save your energy for tackling your next task.
  • The WorxAIR is built with ErgoSum Design Technology, so you can operate the blower using a natural, comfortable grip. A proper grip fights fatigue by allowing you to work in a relaxed, natural position.
  • At under five pounds, the WorxAIR Blower/Sweeper is light enough for almost anyone to use.
  • A directional airflow nozzle channels the 120-mph blast across any hard surface, easily clearing under parked cars or outdoor furniture.
  • The WorxAIR is powered by an efficient, rechargeable 18-volt lithium battery pack, which delivers plenty of power without the added cost of gas, the hassle of extension cords, or the pollution associated with gas-powered alternatives.
  • The WORX lithium battery packs are exceptionally lightweight and provide 3 times the useable life of standard Ni-Cd batteries.
  • The battery pack will even work with your other WORX lithium PowerShare tools; just swap it out when you're ready to move on to the next job.
  • When you're not using the WorxAIR, it stows out of the way with the included wall mount. 
  • The battery charges in about 30 minutes. 

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