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14" Cordless Lawn Mower, 24V - WG783

Product Overview


  • 1 WorxECO 24V cordless lawn mower
  • 1 24V Powertank battery
  • 1 Battery charger
  • 1 Safety key
  • 1 Mulching attachment
  • 1 Grass bag with frame



  • Battery Pack: 24V Lead acid
  • Deck width:  14"
  • Height of cut: 1.8" ~ 3.3"
  • Charge time: 5-7hrs. approx.
  • Grass bag capacity: .85 bushels
  • Machine weight: 31lbs


No gas... no oil... no smelly exhaust--and now, no cord. The WG783 WORX 14-inch Cordless Mower features a powerful 24-volt battery capable of cutting up to 6,000 square feet of lawn on a single charge. This 3-in-1 mower offers the convenience of mulching or rear discharge and the neatness of bagging while you mow in an attractively styled and cleverly engineered compact design that is perfect for small yards.


No Hassles, No Maintenance
The WORX Cordless Lawn Mower gives you the convenience of push button starting, so you'll never labor over a pull starter again. And since it's 100% electric, you'll never need to perform tune-ups or oil changes. Just sharpen the blade once per year and you're set.


Removable 24-Volt Battery
Unlike other cordless electric lawn mowers, the WORX Mower features a powerful, removable 24-volt battery. This convenient design allows you to charge the battery virtually anywhere without moving the entire mower. Plus you can add a second battery to double the effective run time of the mower.


3-in-1 Cutting Functionality
The WORX 14-inch Cordless Lawn Mower offers you the flexibility of three different cutting options. The mulching feature chops clippings and distributes them evenly to help the lawn hold moisture and nutrients. The rear discharge allows clippings to be swept quickly from the cutting chamber. And the bagging feature allows grass and leaves to be conveniently collected in the included grass catcher bag.


Ergonomic, Comfortable Design
As with all WORX products, the WORX Cordless Lawn Mower is designed to be comfortable and reduce fatigue during use. The ergonomic handle adjusts quickly to fit your posture. And the unique design allows the mower to be maneuvered with back and arms straight to reduce fatigue.

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